ArthramidVet® | Manufactured by Contura

For over a decade, Contura has been developing and producing hydrogel products in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Denmark. The facility is solely dedicated to the production of Contura hydrogels and uses proprietary automated processes to control manufacturing. They have a team of highly qualified scientists and engineers who oversee every step of the production process.

ArthramidVet® is distributed in the USA by Contura Vet

As the US veterinary marketing arm of Contura global, everything we do is rooted in innovation and advancing medicine for patients. ArthramidVet helps veterinarians treat and manage lameness caused by Synovitis and Osteoarthritis in both horses and dogs. Based on a 2.5% cross-linked injectable polyacrylamide (iPAAG) hydrogel, ArthramidVet is a visco-elastic bio-scaffold that works by integrating into the synovium allowing for new synovial tissue growth, resulting in long lasting improvement in joint function and resolution of lameness.

Precision Manufacturing

Contura aims to produce the highest quality products for their customers, so their facility is certified according to applicable European standards for medical devices, and medicines, and approved by a number of authorities in non-European countries including the United States FDA.

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