Not All Hydrogels Are The Same

2.5% iPAAG (intra-articular polyacrylamide gel), although often considered equal, have clear differences in composition, manufacturing and injection techniques as well as their ability to interact with surrounding tissues.

Ultimately these characteristics determine the safety and effectiveness of each hydrogel.

ArthramidVet 2.5% iPAAG Hydrogel is a pioneering treatment. Implanted into the joint itself, rather than simply mask pain, it defies conventional treatments by restoring function and movement to joints.

As a cutting edge treatment, ArthramidVet is trusted by owners, veterinary professionals and trainers alike.

Why Use ArthramidVet 2.5% iPAAG?

If your horse has synovitis, capsulitis or osteoarthritis, it is likely that ArthramidVet can be of benefit.

After injection into the joint space, ArthramidVet hydrogel integrates into the synovial membrane, stabilizing the joint capsule, and increasing elasticity which, in turn, reduces the onset and development of synovitis and its harmful effects.

ArthramidVet essentially recreates the cushion by forming a “scaffold” inside the joint which allows for the preservation and/ or regeneration of the joint tissue and synovium contributing to reducing the pain of synovitis and osteoarthritis, and ultimately restoring the joint function. Additionally, the formation of rejuvenated synovium promotes improvement in the nature of the synovial fluid within the joint itself.

Studies in racing thoroughbreds (de Clifford & Lowe et al, 2020), demonstrate that 83.3% of horses had a successful resolution of lameness 6 weeks after treatment with ArthramidVet. In sport horses, 82.5% of lame horses treated with ArthramidVet were lame-free at 24 months (Tnibar, 2015)

ArthramidVet | Insights from Dr. Jason Lowe

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Technical Summary

Veterinarians: Review our technical summary, with a brief overview of mode of action, efficacy, case selection and dosages.

Precision Manufacturing

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Precision Medicine

  • Studies show over 82.5% of horses respond after treatment have a successful resolution of joint lameness.
  • Meets Animal Welfare Concerns. ArthramidVet is not simply a lubricant or painkiller. It’s a unique biomedical technology that helps heal and restore the joint to healthy function.
  • Made to Last. When compared to traditional treatments for joint lameness, research shows that ArthramidVet is better and lasts longer with proven efficacy for up to 1- 2 years.
  • One of A Kind. Our unique and patented IL-X Cross-Linking technology is manufactured by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) product standards in Copenhagen, Denmark, in an FDA Certified facility.

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