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ArthramidVet is an innovative safe treatment for joint pain and lameness. Rather than simply masking pain, it defies conventional treatments by targeting the synovial membrane and restoring function and movement to joints.

Lameness is the primary reason for veterinary appointments and is often difficult to manage, especially long term. This can lead to reduced performance, poor quality of life, frequent re-treatments, and increased drug use.

ArthramidVet is a unique and patented 2.5% iPAAG hydrogel molecule with a precise therapeutic action on the synovium. Synovitis is recognized as the single most important factor that contributes to the pain of OA.

Key Product Features

  • Unique and patented 2.5% iPAAG hydrogel technology
  • Acts as a Bio Scaffold, resulting in healthy regeneration of joint tissues
  • For the treatment of joint lameness including early and late stages of osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Non-pharmaceutical
For Veterinary use only.
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Technical Summary

Veterinarians: Review our technical summary, with a brief overview of mode of action, efficacy, case selection and dosages.

Owners and Trainers

An introduction to ArthramidVet for horse owners and trainers. The key facts about this pioneering treatment for joint lameness.

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