Treatment of fetlock lameness in a Thoroughbred racehorse

Skiddy, a 3 year old Thoroughbred gelding had presented severely lame in the left forelimb after galloping around a paddock whilst having a spell from race training. Radiographs identified a fracture to the lateral aspect of the cannon bone that required screw fixation. The horse was retired from racing and after a suitable period of time was then introduced to showjumping and low level eventing.


Approximately one year after surgery, Skiddy presented as being mildly lame in the left fore.


Investigations revealed that low grade osteoarthritis had developed in the left fore fetlock joint. The degenerative bone changes can be seen on the radiograph below, highlighted by the green arrows.

Treatment and Outcome:

2ml of ArthramidVet was injected into the joint and he commenced a two week rehabilitation program. At the conclusion of the rehabilitation program he was then trained as normal without signs of lameness. 15 months after medication with ArthramidVet, Skiddy is still lame free and enjoying a successful career as a 2* eventer.

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