From Young Horses to FEI Veterans: Arthramid Vet Delivers Performance for Sahar Daniel Hirosh

Dr Jason Lowe recently spent a few weeks in the Middle East, establishing relationships and sharing his knowledge with executives from some of the top Equine Care Centres and Veterinary Product Distributors in the area.

IHCC Kuwait

We are thrilled to announce that International Horse Care Centre (IHCC) has joined the list of equine centres in the Middle East now offering Arthramid Vet.

IHCC was established in 2004 to provide complete equestrian service needs in Kuwait. Their facilities include the first private equine hospital in Kuwait, a horseback riding school and a tack shop.

IHCC was the first center of its kind in Kuwait & the GCC and has comprehensive and specialized Equine healthcare and Equestrian facilities. IHCC is highly reputed for providing horse care services in this part of the world. Dr May Nabeel, pharmacist at IHCC, stresses the importance of exchanging knowledge with horse breeders as it is part of it’s overarching goals.

During his time at the IHCC, Dr Jason Lowe assisted with a number of cases for local horse owners, riders and veterinarians.


Clients in Kuwait wanting to find out how to get Arthramid Vet should contact Dr Nabeel Tel: +965 24675222

theSay Pharma, United Arab Emirates and Oman

We are again thrilled to announce that theSay Pharma has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Arthramid Vet in the UAE and Oman.

Established in 2013, theSAY Pharma is a prominent name among the healthcare distributors in the GCC nations supplying a comprehensive range of Medical and Pharmaceutical products from more than 50 multinational companies across the globe. They have built their brand and its reputation as a trust-worthy and result-oriented organization and specialise in veterinary distribution in UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Noushad Addurahiman (CEO) says theSay’s vision of innovation was what led them to seek out Arthramid Vet. “The unique 2.5% iPAAG molecule is set to challenge the status quo in the treatment and management of osteoarthritis in healthcare and our vision is always to look for new opportunities to remain market leaders for our customers”.

Dr Bennison Paul (Veterinary Sales Manager) and Ruchira AP (New Portfolio Manager) met with Dr’s Noushad and Dr Jason Lowe in Dubai to conclude the agreement.


Clients in UAE or Oman wanting to find out how to get ArthramidVet should contact theSay, +971 4 587 6443

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